Arsenal v Reading; 2-0

I had an amazing time watching Arsenal v Reading match yesterday (particularly because we won).

There’s something about the atmosphere in the Emirates Stadium that brings me joy and also gives me a weird sense of belonging. I guess we #gooners are one big family…atleast that’s how I see it. You do however get the occasional asshole who almost ruins it for you, but I think you grow to realise that there will always be one; funnily enough, the “one” always seems to be sitting within close proximity to me at any event… but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, I know Oxlade-Chamberlain skillfully put two goals in the back of the net for us, but the man of (every) match for me will always be Iwobi… my obsession with him is almost unhealthy. I just love him! The bants is never ending and he always has a smile on his face, which is contagious. He completely got away with the fact that he was too hesitant when opportunity struck, just because I love him (isn’t that such a girly thing to say).

On another note, where for art though Welbeck? I miss you. Please hurry up and recover.

Oh and note to self; do not travel by public transport to a match EVER again.

Emirates Stadium

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