HAKUNA MATATA… It means no worries

Still my favourite quote! My interior preferences have evolved so much over the years, but these will always be some of my favourite pieces!

There came a time when every item in my house was either black and/or white, and to me it felt like absolute bliss to look at. I mean, c’mon…best of both world’s out here like me!

If you are looking for cool wall stickers with quotes like the one I purchased below, I recommend Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Not on the High Street. I think I actually purchased this one from Ebay and when I stumbled across it, it just instantly made me happy (aside the feeling of nostalgia, which actually wasn’t as unpleasant as it can sometimes be).

The candle holders were also a major love of mine at the time of purchasing, because they are just so damn cool and different. I bought these bad boys during a spontaneous trip to Watford and I think I got them in Wilkinsons (sorry I can’t remember). I was really lucky to get these actually as they were the only ones in the shop and were also half price…RESULT! I am such a bargain hunter it’s unreal.

#MyOldBedroom #HakunaMatata #HappySunday #coolcandles #SEVEN 🎲
P.s, I still kept the candle holders…just cause.

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2e1l1pa

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