4 beautiful things I just purchased from IKEA

How amazing is IKEA? I was so excited when my mum suggested that we go to the Wembley store on a Saturday night; I just LOVE shopping at night in general.

Most people I know have such differing opinions about about IKEA and I often hear people say things like “everyone shops at IKEA” or “the quality is sh*t”, but I have to disagree. I love the fact that each brand featured at IKEA often construct the same product as their competitors, but they all seem to have their own take or sense of style. IKEA is also so affordable and certainly don’t compromise on quality….and for that reason, I love the brand!

Now that I’ve finished the decorating my house I can start looking at other interior styles, (particularly soft furnishings) to create the SAPH-isticated look that I love so much. I would describe the decorative theme in my home as chic, glam and comfortable. I am very much into soft tones at the moment, so lots of neutrals, greys and silvers.

I’ve been meaning to buy a new rug for the bedroom for a while now, and actually decided to purchase the HAMPEN high pile rug for only £40. It looks absolutely great in the bedroom and the soft texture has already attracted a ‘certain someone’ who refuses to leave the rug when I ask him to. WOW factor, 9/10.


I also came across these lovely little lantern tea light holders in silver, which I was really happy about as they are so cute! I’ve actually purchased these previously but in different colours and they are great for both indoors and outdoors. I decided to put mine to good use on my “happy altar” and it has certainly added some character to the living room area. You can purchase these for £2 and they come in a variety of colours.


Oh my gosh, I cannot even explain to you the way that this duvet cover makes me feel. It sounds pathetic, but I assure you I am not over exaggerating…ok, maybe a little. But, with good reason. This quilt cover has the most extraordinary feeling (though it is polyester), I can’t quite describe the texture, you really do need to feel it for yourself. My first night in bed with this duvet cover on made me feel as though I was sleeping on a bed full of clouds, I was totally into it. This Skorpil cover also has such a pretty design and for £15 for the king size fit, I just had to purchase it…again. My mum actually bought this for me a few weeks ago (pictured below) and I loved it so much that I went back to buy the exact same one…Skorpil on Skorpil! This also comes in a red or blue colour, but my favourite is the grey as it fits with my colour scheme. Prices start from £10.


I also bought another new addition for the happy altar… the Lugga candle! Ahhhh the fresh scent of vanilla. Let’s add candle to my list of things I am addicted to. There is definitely something about a scented candle that completely calms my nerves and turns the house into a feeling of serenity. This baby right here is currently on offer at £3.90 (usually £6) and I just had to swoop it up. I didn’t even look at the burn time to be honest…I was just happy that it smells like vanilla ice cream!! Get yours here.


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