5 Nail designs I have to try next…

I find choosing nail designs quite hard because I can be really indecisive about the detail, which always usually occurs just before arriving at a nail salon. I have no trouble at all in picking a base colour that I want to roll with, but it’s usually the pattern/ detail/ wider design that I struggle with.

If you’re like me you’ve probably tried every nail shape, most colours and a variety of designs; from glitter to floral to tribal etc. No matter what, I always feel like I have to keep my nails short because having them too long just doesn’t feel right to me. For instance, when cooking; how on earth can you use your hands to prepare food with such long claws hanging off your hands? Gel nails (I prefer these over acrylic) are also prone to having things get stuck under the nails which means you need to clean with a toothpick and q-tip quite frequently.

Anyway, look at me rambling on. You’re probably here because your interested in seeing some cool new feminine designs. Well, I won’t keep you much longer… Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration for your next trip to the salon too!

Note to self; pastel colours in spring/ summer only (despite how you feel at the time)

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