Recreate this look…Modern Chateau style interiors

Modern Chateau style interiors
Hi doves!
I’ve been seeing so many beautiful interior styles recently that I’ve decided to share them with you all, as inspiration to myself as I continue to style my new home, and as a way to creatively explore how I would recreate the looks for family, friends and clients.

I came across this elegant look on Pinterest, (which, by the way is a must search for a variety of interior styles) and had the urge to piece this together myself since the decor and colour schemes are almost exact to mine at home.

There is something dope about pairing grey and neutral tones that just totally excites my visual senses… I am not kidding you; this colour scheme totally gets me going (a bit like an oreo milkshake on a Friday night).

For me, the house should always feel like a home. I don’t know about you, but a beautiful space is nothing without the elegant finishing touches, and that zen feeling you get as soon as you walk through the door. Stepping through my front door always feels as though I’m floating into my comfort zone.

What do you think of this look? How would you create this from scratch? I’ve put together my own little list of products below that would help towards achieving this style in your living room.


I am particularly in love with the hallway bench from Wayfair, and although it’s a little on the more expensive side at £240 , the handcrafted style design totally makes up for it.

Let me know what your favourite pieces are; or even better, show me how you’d achieve this look yourself!


ESPRIT polypropylene area rug

Threshold outdoor lighting

Stoneware jug

Wool throw pillow
£125 –

Ralph Lauren white home decor
£82 –

ATI Home woven curtain
£29 –

Plaid throw pillow
£31 –

M Co square throw pillow

Ariana 3 Seater sofa

Baby Powder Large Jar
£19.99 –

White accent table

Maison Side Table Dark Grey

Alessi decorative bowl

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