Trend alert! The Chunky Turtleneck…

Trend alert! The Chunky Turtleneck...
Well, well, well… what do we have here? The chunky turtle neck you say? How interesting!

I must say, I have to be very careful with my fashion choices since, as most of you already know, I am a curvy petite! But that doesn’t stop me getting involved with all of the latest style trends, even if it is just a case of me giving my opinion (that you all know and love so much- well one can only hope!).

I can’t say that these styles are always the most flattering for those of you who also have the same body type/ height dimensions as me; but when chosen carefully, even the curviest of tiny frames could get away with rocking this look.

I absolutely love a turtle neck, particularly in winter when those cold nights touch down and you can barely be bothered to get up to make a cup of coffee, let alone take the dogs for a walk.

For those of you who do happen to carry the same shape as me and would like to try this trend, but possibly afraid of the unflattering effect the chunky style may have, I would suggest opting for a cut similiar to that in item 3 in the picture above (Rochas pink sweater), which carries the chunky neck with a tighter fitting hem. Team this with a pair of skinny’s or even some plain leggings for a chic x casual look and you are well on your way to turtleneck heaven… You can thank me later.

I’ve included some of my favourite styles below and will definitely be adding the Rochas pink sweater to the wishlist…

See you when I see you (hopefully in my new turtleneck!).


Rochas pink sweater
£435 –


MaxMara pink sweater
£625 –


Knit top
£29 –


Holiday top
£18 –


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